I’ve told you before why marijuana was illegal. You can read the full explanation HERE, but basically, it’s all because of three old buttheads. One of them ran a papermill and he didn’t want legal hemp to compete with his tree farms, one was about to be out of a job after the end of alcohol prohibition so he picked a different drug to target, and one was Richard Nixon, who had more problems than I care to list in a blog. But basically, the first butthead got the ball rolling in 1906 when the Wiley Act (or the “Pure Food and Drug Act”) was passed. This act limited the sale of marijuana to pharmacies, and it started the slippery slope that lead to where we are today, wherein there are still Americans serving life sentences for marijuana possession in medieval states like Florida.

But Colorado is cool, obviously, and we build schools with the tax revenue that comes from selling cannabis as opposed to putting peaceful people in jail for smoking the stuff. Business is booming. New companies are opening weekly, and novel products are hitting the shelves one right after another. Usually, the new products are suspiciously like the old ones, albeit with fancy new marketing campaigns. But every once in a while, a new company will come along with a product that’s outside the norm, and that’s exactly what happened with the company “1906.”

First, I just want to say that I love their name. By coopting the date that started marijuana prohibition, the people over at 1906 are celebrating the fact that the nonsense is mostly over. That, and when you see the year it started, it really makes you realize how antiquated cannabis prohibition really is.

Anyway, 1906 is different. Most of the edible manufactures out there focus only on the THC content of their products; those products are aimed at getting you as high as possible for as cheaply as possible. But 1906 cares way more about the experience and the quality of the food itself. Seriously, 1906 represents the pinnacle of connoisseur cannabis edibles, so if you’re looking for quality over a cheap high, you need to try this brand. Every product they make contains a 1:1 ration of THC to CBD, all their cannabinoids have been nano encapsulated to make them water-soluble (meaning you start to feel the effect within 15 minutes), and 1906 adds secondary plant compounds to elicit certain effects. So, this week, I wanted to introduce you to the 1906 products we’ve added to our shelves, which are broken down into four “experiences”:

Midnight This is a box of delectable dark chocolate containing 6 gems, each of which delivers 5mg THC and 5mg CBD worth of water-soluble cannabinoids, and like the name would suggest, this product is marketed as a sleep aid. Frankly, I don’t even recommend this product to people looking for a recreational high because the Midnight usually makes me pass out before I can enjoy it, but I wake up in the morning with a rested smile on my face. And the reason might be the added corydalis, which has been used in Eastern medicine for a centuries to help people sink into their pillows.

Love These dark chocolate-covered coffee beans, which come 20 to a pack, deliver 5mg THC and 5mg CBD each, but they’re also leavened with Theobromine, Ashwagandha, Damiana, and Catuba, the last of which is known as “the Viagra of the Amazon.” Yes, these beans are designed for you-know-what, and they’re wonderful.

Go These are dark chocolate-covered coffee beans as well with the same 1:1 cannabinoid ratio as all the other 1906 products, but they’re sativa-dominant, and they’re designed to get you going. This 1906 cornerstone product is bolstered with plant derivatives such as Alpina Galanga and L-Theanine, and I can’t remember the last Saturday morning I didn’t improve with a couple Go beans.

Bliss The only thing better than chocolate peanut butter cups are chocolate peanut butter cups that get you high, and these are the best ones out there. This is a single-serving pack of two cups, each of which delivers that 5mg THC/CBD balance that made 1906 the best. The added Kana and Magnolia are said to cover you in a blissful pall that adds a pleasant haze to your day, and I can’t recommend the Bliss peanut butter cups strongly enough.

Sounds nice, right? So, if you’re the type of edible consumer who values quality over potency (aka an adult), and you haven’t tried a 1906 product, get in here ASAP. And for a pro tip, come on a Tuesday, because all our edibles are 15% off. And as always, if you have questions about these products that I didn’t answer, please come into our Durango dispensary and ask. We’ll always take the time to tell you everything we know about every 1906 edible we sell, because We’re Your Best Buds!

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