For the Greenery team, cannabis consulting evolved naturally thanks to our vertically-integrated business experience. Our journey began with Colorado Amendment 64 which created a legal recreational cannabis market, and with our determined diligence to become innovators in an emerging industry.

The Greenery opened the first recreational-only cannabis dispensary in our mountain town of Durango, Colorado; working through the complexities of founding a marijuana business and operating a dispensary have been inspiring and humbling. Since the success of our retail store, we evolved vertically into a thriving, versatile company dedicated to compliance and the enrichment of our brand. First with the addition of a boutique cultivation facility that provides our retail store with high-quality flower (which reduces overhead), and onwards toward a manufacturing facility that crafts premium extracts for the Colorado recreational wholesale market, as well as to our retail store.

Greenery Cannabis Consulting originated from a referral basis between individuals and companies hoping to launch their dreams in the marijuana industry. These initial consulting relationships have inspired us to continue mentoring our industry and the bright individuals who embody our cannabis community.

In the unique cannabis industry, you need more than an entrepreneurial spirit—it takes intelligence, diligence, innovation, and grit. We’ve been there, we are there, we understand the complexities required to succeed, and more importantly, we’re willing to share our knowledge.

If you’re interested in pursuing your place in our industry, contact Your Best Buds to start your journey today:

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