I need to drop some serious disclaimers before we get too far into this. The reason is that most of the cannabis companies out there producing products for “sleep” are using the cannabinoid CBN, or cannabinol, as the active ingredient, but the truth is that nobody really knows what CBN does even though it’s billed as a sleep aid. Granted, a couple dated studies out there show some sort of correlation between sleep and CBN, but if you read THIS newer study from The National Institutes of Health, which is probably the most factual resource in existence, it argues that there simply isn’t enough data out there to even make the claim that CBN is a sleep aid, so it’s something we should all take with a grain of salt.

Anecdotally, after peddling this stuff from behind the counter, I can tell you that the reactions we get from our customers are mixed. The lion’s share reports some level of sleepiness from the CBN products we sell, and they keep coming back for more, but quite a few say it does nothing, or that they just got high thanks to the THC that many of these edibles contain as well, which is relaxing in and of itself.

So, is CBN a heaven-sent soporific, or is it snake oil? The jury is still out, the reason being that it’s difficult for scientists to study a federally illegal drug to figure out what it may or may not do. As such, throughout this blog, you’ll hear me saying all sorts of nebulous things that aren’t definitive, such as CBN “may” help you sleep, or it “might” give you relaxation. It’s the best I can do given what’s provable, because after all, here at The Greenery, honesty and education are both far more important than the profit we could make by making claims that aren’t 100% factual, such as promising someone a good night’s sleep thanks to a cannabis gummy.

And as one final disclaimer, it’s important to know that I’m not a doctor; nobody who works here is a doctor. We all work at a recreational marijuana dispensary, and as such, we aren’t even remotely qualified to give medical advice. If you’re looking to try any sort of marijuana product for a medical condition, bring it up with your doctor.

That being said, who knows? Maybe CBN is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and it’s possible that it’ll cure your restless nights… “maybe,” “possible,” see what I’m getting at? The only way you’ll know for sure is to try this stuff yourself, and we have six options for all you sleepyheads:

1.) Wana Fast Asleep.

I’m starting with this one first because my wife loves this product and says she can’t sleep without it, so at least it does something for someone. And if you’re looking for a cannabis product that might help you catch Zs without the buzz, this one could be perfect because there’s not much THC per serving.

Actually, when it comes to active ingredients, the Fast Asleep gummies from Wana throw in the kitchen sink with more cannabinoids than any of the others: each serving delivers 10mg CBD, 2mg CBG, 2mg THC (which isn’t enough to get most people high), 1mg melatonin, and 2mg CBN.

The flavor for these gummies is “dream berry,” which isn’t a berry that exists, but they’re still delicious. But more importantly, the cannabinoids in these gummies have been nano-encapsulated, which makes them water soluble and fast acting, so if it turns out that CBN helps you sleep, nothing will do so more quickly than these gummies.

2.) 1906 Midnight Drops:

Frankly, this was the product that started it all. 1906 was way ahead of their game when they came out with this product a couple years back because they knew that “sleep” was fast becoming what people were looking for in cannabis-based relief—back in the day, the most common complaint we encountered was centered on “pain,” but now, it seems most people are looking for rest. It’s interesting. But either way, 1906 made the first product we sold that was geared towards this aim, and they did so without CBN.

These capsules also contain fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoids, and they deliver a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, so each capsule contains 5mg of both cannabinoids. But on top of that, these “drops,” as 1906 calls them, are also leavened with corydalis, which is a plant medicine that’s been used in eastern countries for eons as a sleep aid. And given that corydalis isn’t federally illegal, there have been all sorts of peer-reviewed studies on this stuff you can find like THIS one or THIS one. Each of these drops contains 100mg of corydalis.

3.) Taste Budz Blueberry Lavender Gummies:

Disinformation is an insidious thing, so right off the bat I need to stress something: the assessment that “lavender causes nightmares” is ridiculously unscientific, because it’s untrue. There’s no study, or even congruent anecdotal evidence for that matter, proving that herbs or the essential oils made from them can cause lucid dreams in low doses, so if you believe in this nonsense, all you’re doing is missing out on the delicious lavender flavor of these gummies.

But back to these specific gummies, yes, they’re flavored with natural lavender, but more importantly, each serving delivers 10mg THC, CBD, and CBN in a perfect 1:1:1 ratio, so these are the most potent gummies we sell that are marketed for sleep. They’re also the only strain-specific sleep product we carry (meaning the THC in each gummy comes from a single cultivar), and they’re my favorite because I have a high tolerance, so I need the extra milligrams.

4.) Wyld Marionberry Gummies:

The Taste Budz might be my favorite overall, but these Wyld gummies are by far the best tasting. It’s obvious that Wyld chose the marionberry flavor because the berry itself is purported to be a sleep aid, but this is another realm in which we need to tread carefully because the only chemical in marionberries that’s ever been proven to do anything is the ellagic acid, which is a natural phenol antioxidant.

Anyway, these tasty gummies deliver 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per serving, and they deliver the cannabinoids and nothing but the cannabinoids, so it’s the perfect test product to use if you’d like to see how a THC/CBN combo affects your sleepy time.

5.) Kanha Tranquility:

This is the newest addition to our shelves, and it comes from Sunderstorm, which is a cannabis behemoth from the west coast. And this gummy’s claim to fame is that each package is flushed with nitrogen, so the gummies are just as fresh as the day they were made when you tear into one of these bags.

The gummies themselves also contain fast-acting cannabinoids like a few of the others, but they do so in a 1:1:1 ratio (5mg each of THC, CBD, and CBN). The flavor is blue raspberry (blue berries and raspberries), and each gummy also delivers 1mg melatonin.

6.) Sleepy Time Chocolate Taffy from Cheeba Chews:

The edible landscape in the cannabis industry is obviously gummy dominated (over 80% of all edibles sold are in gummy form), so this chocolate taffy is for all of you looking for something different. And unlike all the previous edibles (except for the 1906 Drops), this one contains 20 smaller servings rather than 10 big ones, so it’s easier to meter your intake. That, and each serving is individually wrapped unlike with all the other edibles we’ve discussed, so it’s perfect if you need a serving on the go. Each delightful little taffy delivers 5mg THC, 2.5mg CBN, and a touch of melatonin.

That’s everything—it’s safe to say that if one of these marijuana edibles for sleep doesn’t help you sleep, there’s no such thing as a marijuana edible that will, so at least you’ll know what’s what after giving one of them a try. Again, I apologize for not being able to say something more definitive as to whether or not one of these will knock you out like you want, but it’s better this way, right? The cannabis industry is still a nascent thing that isn’t yet regulated by the FDA, so at this point in time, it’s safe to say that many of the claims being made about this or that cannabinoid aren’t 100% true, which is where we come in. We’ll always tell you what’s real and what’s fake, what’s fact and what’s opinion, because when it comes to all things cannabis, We’re Your Best Buds!

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