2020 did its best to beat up Durango, but you already knew that. We had lockdowns and a lack of tourism and lost jobs, and our fairgrounds turned into a weird triage unit straight out of a science-fiction movie with a literal drive through for Covid tests and injections. We built walls of plexiglass in our recreational marijuana dispensary that kept us apart from our friendly customers, and there was even a time when our retail floor was shut down completely and we sold to you through a little window while wearing masks and gloves—it wasn’t fun, and now that it’s over, we’re all doing our best to forget the whole ordeal as we creep back to normalcy.

But during the thick of it, financially, 2020 was much harder for some than it was for others. It was a strange and ironic turn of events to witness, but after one hundred and six years of prohibition, and then after eight short years of legality, dispensaries such as ours were deemed “essential businesses,” and we were allowed to stay open every day of the pandemic while other businesses disappeared; it was sad and vindicating simultaneously. I mean, isn’t that crazy when you really think about it? Ten years ago, recreational marijuana would’ve put a Colorado resident behind bars, but in 2020, those of us who sell it were allowed by the state to keep working while other industries shuttered during a global pandemic because the service and tax revenue we provided was crucial.

So, that’s exactly what we did. We came in every day, masked up, and did our best to supply Durango with craft cannabis, because there’s really nothing better for your soul when you’re locked in your home with nothing but Netflix and your nuclear family for comfort and company. We listened to your stories of boredom and despair through our plexiglass, and we tried diligently to turn the whole town’s frown upside-down. I’d like to think we succeeded to some small degree.

However, that’s all over now. The plexiglass is gone, masks no longer hide our smiles, and it’s back to business: for us, at least. We know that our community is still struggling to recuperate, and we know that on a personal level, many of you faced hardships, both financially and personally. That’s why we’re doing something about it. After all, we love Durango, and I’m not just saying that as a marketer. Our owners are Fort Lewis alumni; our employees all live, work, and play right here; 100% of our business is based out of Durango, and this town is our home. We love it truly, and we take care of our home, just like you do. So, here’s some good news after all the bad:

Durango’s Best Buds just got better!

We just lowered most of our edible and concentrate prices, but we lowered all our Flower prices, and we still have the best pot in town thanks to our boutique grow. This made our daily deals—like Marvelous Monday, wherein all full-priced flower is 15% off—even better. But the piece de resistance is our new Locals’ Discount. It’s something we’re doing just for Durango and our neighboring communities right when it’s needed most. From now on, we’ll check your driver’s license, and if you’re from Durango or Bayfield, or even as far out as Hermosa, you’ll receive 10% off all full-priced items in our shop all day, every day (may not be combined with other deals or specials).

Frankly, besides doing this for our community, we owe it to you. You’re the ones who’ve kept our doors open and our mission alive by shopping here day after day, and as Durango’s first recreational-only dispensary, we’ve always known how important our local base is. So, thank you. Our doors are always open to this this town, through thick and thin, because We’re Durango’s Best Buds!

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