Fun fact: the only thing better than a blunt is six of them. And that’s why we’re introducing the Blunt Box!

For real, it’s finally here. We’ve been crunching numbers and slogging through the R&D process for this highly anticipated product for quite some time (it’s insanely difficult to get a legal cannabis product past all the regulation rigmarole), but it was all worth it. These things hit our shelves yesterday, and they started flying off them about five minutes later.

Here’s another fun fact: it’s illegal to sell tobacco in a dispensary and blunts are rolled traditionally with a cigar wrapper. So, you ask, how have we gotten around that law to make blunts? We use hemp instead of tobacco, of course! And frankly, we’re all glad for the rule because hemp is better than tobacco: it delivers the same rich flavor without the addictive nicotine, and they give you a touch of CBD instead of the jitters, which is rad when you think about it.

And of course, we fill these blunts in Durango with the same boutique, kief-rich flower from The Greenery Grow that has made our dispensary famous since day one. Each blunt is filled with one full gram of cannabis that’s better than anything you’ll find in any other pre-roll in town, but again, these hemp-wrapped blunts are infinitely better than your average joint because the thick paper burns slow and flavorful like a cigar as opposed to a joint that’s gone in a puff.

Frankly, the box itself is a marvel because it takes a three-step process to open, making it very child resistant for those of us who have children at home, and it fits perfectly in your pocket, which makes the Blunt Box an outdoors necessity. So come see us at 208 Parker Avenue right here in Bodo Park, or check out our new blunts on our online marijuana menu. We’ll do our best to keep these Blunt Boxes on our shelves just for you despite how quickly they’re being scooped up in our recreational marijuana dispensary, because We’re Your Best Buds!

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