As it turns out, all the platitudes are true: “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” “time flies when you’re having fun,” and etcetera. I mean honestly, can you believe that The Greenery turns six-years-old this month?

Here’s another cliché: “it seems like just yesterday” that we opened our doors and put the first $20 bill we earned on the wall, but that was six years ago, back in the day when “Jurassic World” was in the theaters and “Uptown Funk” was #1 on the pop charts. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the state’s most well-known companies with wholesale products from our Hash Factory available at over 230 dispensaries across Colorado (click HERE for the list). It’s humbling to see how far we’ve come, and it’s exciting to think about where we’re going.

But here’s one last quotidian quote from (I promise): “Be like a tree. Stay grounded and connect with your roots.” Here at The Greenery, we remember our roots. We remember that we started small and locally, just like all Cinderella stories, and we owe our success completely to you, our steadfast supporters who’ve kept our doors open for the past six years; you are our roots. So, every year on our April 10th Anniversary, we blow the doors off our flagship dispensary with deals meant to honor the most important part of our business: our customers. And this year is no different, so as a sneak peek, here’re the deals that’ll be waiting for you on 4/10:

Dispensary Deals: 

  • All full-priced items in the store will be 20% off. Boom.
  • All full-priced items in the store will be 30% off for Veterans, because they get 20% off every day, and we didn’t want them to miss out on something special during our anniversary given that they’ve helped us immensely throughout the years.
  • We’ll have select grams of both Moroccan and Lebanese Hash on sale for $20 after tax, which works out to more than 40% off.
  • All members of our Loyalty Program will receive Double Points from their purchases on 4/10, and if you’re a member, you know how huge this is (and if you’re not a member, click HERE to join).

See what I mean? We owe you for our success, because your loyalty is the root giving our tree strength, so these incredible deals are for you.

And it’s a bit too soon to talk about them, but we have some big changes—a few more branches on our tree—coming in 2021, so stay tuned. Our company will continue to grow by expanding into new arenas, but we’ll always do so with you in mind because we’ll never forget who got us here. So, thank you. Thank you for the six years’ worth of support, thank you for you for making The Greenery Durango’s top-rated dispensary, and thank you for the love you show us every time you stop by. I usually end these blogs with our slogan, “We’re Your Best Buds,” but this week, I’ll say it plainly: You’re Our Best Buds!!!

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