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Don’t tell anybody this, but sometimes, I get bored with marijuana. After a while, the same-old-stuff stops getting me high, and when I stare at our selection after my shift is over, I’m always looking for something new. But isn’t that how we all are? Don’t we all get tired with repetitive monotony? That common thread is probably what drives innovation, and in the cannabis industry, it’s no different—since the consumer is always looking for the next new thing, new things keep coming out. However, since marijuana is still federally illegal, cannabis companies can’t advertise like normal businesses, which means that you, the consumers, are usually the last to know when a new marijuana product hits the market.

So, I’m going to fix that with this blog. Frankly, if you’re a long-time reader, you already know that this is the best cannabis blog out there, so what else would you expect? Our site has always been the first place to look for accurate, up-to-date marijuana information, and it’s no different when it comes to emerging products, so let’s dive into the topic:

Green Dot PAX Pods

For the record, a couple of the emerging products I’ll discuss are too new to have found their way into our Durango dispensary, but we already have this first new product, and believe it or not, we were the first dispensary in Colorado to order it. That’s usually something only the fancy shops in downtown Denver can say, so we feel pretty special to be the first given that we’re a small mountain town dispensary, and because the PAX Pods from Green Dot are simply spectacular.

I’ve already told you all there is to know about the PAX Era Vaporizer (click the link for a refresher), but these new pods are the best cartridges you can buy for the PAX Era in my opinion. Each one is filled with 500mg of Live Resin that’s pure and uncut. Green Dot is classifying their Pods by terpene profiles, and the one we have on our shelves right now is reminiscent of melons (but again, it’s the marijuana that makes it taste that way, not melon flavoring). For real, if you have a Pax and you’ve never tried this product, I’m just going to go ahead and say “you’re welcome” right now.

Midnight Drops from 1906

A “drop” is a pill that you swallow, just to set things straight, and much like the first product I told you about, we were the first in the region to add this product to our shelves as well. There are 20 drops in each container of Midnight from 1906, and each delivers 5mg THC and 5mg CBD like many edibles, but these drops contain water-soluble cannabinoids. This is the new trend in cannabis consumables because it means you start to feel the effects within 15 minutes instead of waiting for an hour, which is game-changing.

But more importantly, the 1906 Midnight Drops are infused with corydalis rhizome extract, because these drops are intended to be a sleep aid, and even with my high tolerance for cannabis, one of these things knocks me out for the night. Honestly, if you’re sick of the way melatonin barely helps (and of the habit-forming nature of prescription sleep aids), get in here and try some Midnight.

CRD CBD Vape Oil

This is the first new cannabis product that we don’t carry in our Durango dispensary, and I’ll tell you why, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

“CRD” stands for “crystallization resistant distillate,” and it’s super annoying when people say “CRD Distillate” because that’s redundant, just like saying “ATM machine” or “pin number” (think about it). Anyway, CBD has a crystalline chemical structure, and when you get CBD vape oil with a high concentration (usually over the 70% mark), the oil will start to crystallize if you let it sit for long periods of time, which means you won’t be able to vape it. So, they figured out that if you make CBD oil that contains CBDa (the acid form of the cannabinoid) as well as regular CBD, the acid stops the oil from forming crystals. It’s that simple.

Now, the reason we don’t well this stuff is that we’re a marijuana shop, not a hemp shop, so very few of our CBD products crystallize because there’s also plenty of THC and terpenes mixed in as well (I told you I’d get to it). But if you ever shop at hemp stores for CBD-only products, you’ll need to know this stuff.

Dab Tabs

This particular new product definitely fits the bill for something novel and exciting, but we aren’t yet selling it in our Durango dispensary because there isn’t enough demand for products like these in small-town shops. That being said, if you’d like to try Dab Tabs, come in and tell us. If there are enough of you cannabis adventurers out there, we’ll listen and add Dab Tabs to our shelves because we pride ourselves on being responsive.

Anyway, a “dab tab” is a little, hexagonal piece of ceramic that has been soaked in distillate. All you do is drop the Dab Tab into the banger on your dab rig, heat it up like you would with a cold-start dab, and then the heat releases the distillate from the Dab Tab to give you a hit. Once all the distillate has been smoked out of the Dab Tab, you simply remove the piece of ceramic and throw it away.

I know this probably sounds odd, but the worst thing about dabbing is having to handle all that sticky concentrate. It makes dabbing on the go almost impossible. But with a Dab Tab, you have a measured amount of distillate in a piece of ceramic you can pick up and handle easily with your fingers. Really, this one is pretty ingenious, and if it sounds interesting enough to try, come tell us. We’ll listen.

Ripple Quick Sticks

The only thing wrong with edibles is that they don’t get you high as quickly as smokables (frankly, I don’t consider this to be a problem, but stoners can be impatient). So, as I’ve told you before, they came out with water-soluble THC that acts twice as quickly as old-school, lipid-soluble THC (read all about it HERE). Frankly, I thought that’d be the zenith of fast-acting edibles, but I was wrong because Ripple just came out with their “Quick Sticks,” which combine water-soluble cannabinoid technology with a sublingual delivery mechanism for the quickest edible high ever—thanks to this new level of bioavailability, the onset for this new product is 15 minutes or less, which is insane.

Anyway, the Quick Sticks, which we might have on our shelves by the time you’re done reading this, are wonderful: they’re little packets of flavored powder that you simply dump into your mouth and enjoy. The THC-only version tastes like blueberry pomegranate, the 1:1 THC/CBD version tastes like ginger-berry, and the 40:1 CBD-rich version is mint chocolate flavored.

LR Goo Balls

For the record, this is a relatively new product as well, and it’s one of my new favorite ways to smoke, but you’ll never find LR Goo Balls in any dispensary because they’re too expensive to make and most smokers have no idea what they are, so they wouldn’t sell anyway. Rather, this is a DIY smoking project that you can try at home, and I promise it’ll break up the monotony.

“LR” stands for “live resin,” and a “goo ball” is anything you make at home by combining flower and concentrate. So, simply put, all you need to do is buy a gram of awesome flower and a gram of live resin (but per the LR, make sure it’s a badder or something terp-rich so it mixes well). Then you grind up your flower and mix it with the live resin. Together, the two will form a gooey paste that you can form into a ball and smoke in a pipe, which is one of the only ways you can smoke live resin without a dab rig. Doing this brings together the best of both worlds, flower and concentrate, and you’ll enjoy it because it’s new. I promise.

And that’s it for now! I’ll make sure to keep scouring the market for the newest and greatest innovations in the cannabis market, and if you’d like, you can keep reading these blogs so you can know just as much as I do. Better yet, if you find something new out there, let us know and we’ll investigate it so we can share the good news—until marijuana is legalized federally, we’ll need to keep working together to share information. But either way, you should stop by our dispensary to check out what’s new in person. We’ll always make sure to stock our Durango dispensary with the newest marijuana products available, because We’re Your Best Buds!


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