Marijuana edibles – a delicious smokeless marijuana experience praised for its psychedelic and body intense effects.

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Edibles & You:

Like all cannabis, edibles provide a uniquely individual experience.  When consuming an edible, your body needs time to digest and metabolize.  This means it takes longer to feel the effects than other consumption methods do, and varies based on your body’s rate of metabolism.  It is important to understand your edible tolerance for a positive experience.

New Consumer:

Start slow and go slow to learn your tolerance.  Try 5 mg or less to monitor how your body digests the cannabis.  Wait at least 2 hours before ingesting more.

Occasional Consumer:

A single serving is defined by the state of Colorado as 10 mg.  Eating more is not recommended.

Start Slow:
Start with no more than a single serving or less.

Go Slow:
Edibles can take up to 2 hours (or longer) to take effect.

Don’t mix substances:
Edibles should not be consumed with alcohol or any controlled substances.

Keep it secured:
Keep edibles away from all kids, pets and anyone under 21. Store in the original child resistant packaging in a secure location.

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