The Greenery Grow cultivates premium cannabis strains exclusively for our Dispensary in Durango

Born from our commitment to deliver The Greenery Dispensary with the finest cannabis flower, we founded our own boutique cultivation facility dedicated to yielding fire-grade strains.

Our grow facility is committed to cultivating our cannabis with quality genetics and enhancing the plant’s structure by utilizing the tools of our intelligent and eco-oriented indoor facility. The Greenery’s passionate team of cultivators carefully attends to each plant to optimize scent, flavor, and potency while employing natural and holistic growing methods (such as using living soil and natural minerals) for a purer cannabis crop—yielding a clean, premium crop is always our priority.

Try one of our boutique Greenery Grown Strains today: Bio-Chem, Vanilla Fire,  Flo, Cindy 99, Pakistani Chitral Kush, Golden Goat, Bruce Banner, Chemdawg, True Berry, Strawberry Cough, and more! Check our Menu to see what’s in stock now.

See The Greenery Grow via live camera feeds at our Dispensary!

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