A natural ecosystem with innovative design.

The Greenery grow is dedicated to cultivating craft cannabis in a natural and innovative ecosystem. Our priority is growing healthy and honest cannabis that our customers and community trust.

We designed every aspect of our local indoor marijuana cultivation facility to create a healthy, efficient and sterile grow environment. By uniting smart technology like advanced water and air filtration systems with inspiration from the natural world, we optimize our commitment to growing synthetic-free cannabis. Our ecosystem-driven method not only enhances our plant health, but the health of our workers, consumers and community.

We grow using living soil to nourish our plants with all the micro and macronutrients necessary for a naturally healthy crop and avoiding synthetic feeding applications. Our commitment to healthy horticulture means we use Integrated Pest Management, an ecosystem-based method of using beneficial bugs as a wholesome resource for preventing and controlling pests.

Our small facility allows our growers to dedicate individual care to each plant we grow and maintain an immaculately clean environment. Through the 6-month cultivation process, each plant receives 5 minutes every day of individual grower attention. Our plants are nurtured with love and detail including hand-watering and hand-pruning.

After it’s thoughtful cultivation, our team carefully harvests the plants. This involves first allowing the plants to hang dry and then meticulously trimming them. We then use a slow cure process to maximize moisture content, flavor and aroma for a stellar smoke. Our finished flower then travels less than 5 miles to The Greenery store.

Learn more about cannabis cultivation with our terms to know.

Cloning: The act of cultivating a genetic replica of a female plant for future harvests. Made from a small cut of the mother plant that is rooted and grown into a full-size clone for flowering.

Curing: The art of finishing the flower to create the desired moisture content, flavor and aroma.

Flowering: The life stage when the photo period (light cycle) is switched to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness a day to alert the plant it’s time to reproduce. The reductive stage creates the buds or flower that we smoke.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): An ecosystem-based method of using beneficial bugs to patrol, prevent and combat harmful pests in a cultivation environment. A natural solution to using synthetic pesticides.

Living Soil: Essentially, soil enriched with a living ecosystem that naturally nourishes the plant. From this wholesome soil ecosystem, the plant has a steady supply of naturally occurring nutrients to choose from for optimal health. This is different from a synthetic approach where farmers force feed plants nutrients for desired effects.

Nutrients: The nourishing substances essential for healthy growth. Cannabis plants require the macronutrients carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (which come from an optimized air and water grow environment), and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur and magnesium (which come from an enriched living soil). Micronutrients are trace elements needed in small doses, like boron, zinc and copper. In an ideal grow ecosystem, the plant can draw it’s desired nutrients from living soil.

Strains: The plentitude of cannabis varieties. Categorized under the main strains Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

Terpenes: Flavor and aroma molecules found in all living plants. Terpenes vary in each strain effecting the high, taste and aroma one experiences.

Trichomes: The crystal-like structures containing cannabinoids that cover the cannabis leaves and buds.

Trimming: The final pruning of unwanted foliage off the plant and flowers, creating the ‘nug’ we love. All Greenery grown plants are hand trimmed versus the machine trimming of some large operations.

Vegetative: The early stage of the plant’s life cycle during which they receive 16+ hours of light a day to prevent the plant from producing the reproductive organs (buds or pollen) and allowing the plant to grow to a desired healthy size.

Want to see the grow in action? Visit The Greenery store to view live camera feeds of our grow and growers!

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